Saturday, 21 December 2013

Potato, Swede and Bacon Dauphinoise

Roast potatoes are important in any roast dinner. Sometimes I find I can pay them a bit too much attention and end up spending less time on the other vegetables. This dauphinoise recipe is a great way to use some swede to make a great side dish and also incorporates potatoes so you can do a two in one. Not to be greedy but there's no reason you couldn't have this and roast potatoes for a roast!
You will need (for 4 as a side):350g potato, peeled and thinly sliced
350g swede, peeled and thinly sliced
1 garlic clove, crushed
4-5 rashers smoked, streaky bacon
150ml double cream
Salt and pepper
Fry the bacon in a little oil until crispy then set to one side.
Layer up the potatoes, swede, garlic, bacon and salt and pepper finishing with a layer of potatoes and swede in an ovenproof dish.
Pour the double cream over the veg then dot the top with butter.
Place into an oven at 170C for 1 and 1/4 hours or until soft through when tested with a knife.
It was lovely to slice and dive into this. I thought the swede might be a bit overpowering but using it half and half with potato meant you could taste both vegetables equally. The garlic was faint and the bacon added a lovely smoky earthiness. You could use it to accompany anything really but I think it's very fine on its own.


  1. Here's a tip for extra-special gratins / Dauphinois:- cook the dish slowly for the first hour or so, until the potatoes etc are tender, then whack the temperature up high only for the last 3o mins or so to brown the top. I find the texture of the finished dish is much better this way.
    We did one a bit like yours, but with a mixture of Butternut Squash, Celeriac, Parsnip and Potato. It was superb!

  2. Ohhh potatoes? I am all excited to see this tempting dish and simply cannot resist anything made with potatoes.

  3. Is it ok that I am getting very excited about this dish because of the potatoes alone? :D

    Happy Holidays!

  4. This looks gorgeous! And I'll bet tastes better. I'd definitely want this. But heck, I agree that having roast potatoes is also a good idea! So I'd probably do both, too. ;-) Thanks for this.


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